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"When we decided to move to North Platte, we didn't have a Realtor, so we just picked JoAnn out of the clear blue sky. She was a great find! We were very pleased with the service we received from JoAnn. We found our retirement home in a fantastic neighborhood where we have such good neighbors. I would recommend JoAnn to anyone needing any Real Estate assistance, she will go the distance for you."


"Anyone needing a Realtor, I would highly recommend Nelson. Hard worker gets right on the job and works for buyer and seller. Fastest Real Estate deal I've ever experienced. The getting the job done is what it's all about!"


"JoAnn was super helpful, patient and always responsive immediately when we needed her. She went out to look at homes every time we found one we wanted to see - she walked through them and gave us feedback at every place. Working with her was great! Highly recommended."


"JoAnn Perlinger is a very caring and a dedicated realtor. I was impressed with her knowledge of the properties and her sensitivity to my needs. I was only here for 2-3 days but JoAnn was very helpful in finding me a home in that time frame."


"Nelson is extremely smart and helpful. He was very quick to respond to my inquires and was very helpful in showing me what lots were available in our area that I might be interested in for starting my new Dog business."


"JoAnn was amazing! Always willing to help me out and answering any questions I had. Being a first time buyer I had many questions. She never made me feel like what I was asking was dumb. She was always willing to go out and show me houses, rain or shine. I loved working with JoAnn!"


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